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  • Brown dog with a collar over a wood bridge

    Dog Training Methods and Five Essential Dog Obedience Commands

    Teaching your dog to sit is one of the important commands. It is a great one to start your dog training. It will be easier for you to control dogs right.

  • Young woman with purebred dog sleeping together on soft couch

    Should you sleep with your dog?

    There are many trainers out there who claim that dogs should never sleep with you, that it undermines your authority as the leader of your family pack.

  • Dark grey cat and three kittens lying on a column footing

    Feral Cats: Society’s Problem Children

    There is a lot of talk going on about what to do. Some measures have been proposed which will allow residents to kill what they perceive to be feral cats.

  • Scarlet macaw

    Types of Parrots

    Welcome to the world of the flying feathers. All types of parrots are brightly colored with a few exceptions. Some types of parrots are small, cuddly and cute.

  • Staircase of old building with shabby steps

    Welcome to Terry Ridge Farms

    Terry Ridge Farms teams up with eXtreme Dog Fence in the installation process of a dog fence. Knowledgeable in the containment of dogs – large and small.