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  • Person holding gray tabby cat while lying on bed

    Pet Insurance: Piece of Mind

    Pet insurance has allowed to make emergency medical decisions for my pets with little thought about the costs involved. Veterinary costs are constantly rising.

  • Woman kneeling under a tree and praying with a dog next to her

    Bow Wow Bliss: Five Ways to Meditate with Your Dog

    When you sit down to meditate, your dog should be either lying next to you or on your lap. Put both hands on your dog. This connection is soothing to him.

  • Abandoned dog in the wild

    Preventing Diseases Passed From Animal To

    Zoonoses is applied to a grouping of diseases that are transferable from canine to human. These fall into three groupings based on their means of transmission.

  • African american woman working on computer with dog near

    Westie Dog Poo Pile: Please Pick It Up

    I really do not hope your are eating something, but did you know that you can get a fake dog poo in long or round bits for a joke.