Dog Training Methods and Five Essential Dog Obedience Commands

Brown dog with a collar over a wood bridge

When you bring a new furry friend to your home, it is a smart decision to start their training immediately. But where should you start? What is the most appropriate way to train a dog or how to train an adult dog? 

These are the common questions that are bound to arise when you own a pet for the first time. You can prefer to take the help of a dog trainer who makes this task easier for you. But if you don’t have enough time to take your dog to a trainer, you can train your dog yourself. Here, in this content, you will come to know about some useful dog training methods. Let’s have a look at basic training tips:

Choose the Name of Your Dog Wisely 

Apart from bringing your new furry friend home, you should search for the perfect name for your furry friend. But have you ever heard that certain names prove better for training? Well, it is true to some extent. Choose a short name that ends with a consonant. Short names can be heard clearly. Some short names for puppies include Jack, jasper, and Ginger. 

Whatever name you give your pet, try to give him a fun and pleasant experience rather than negative feelings. Your puppy must think of its name exactly how it thinks about other fun stuff at home. 

Decide Simple House Rules 

Before you bring your new furry friend to your home, you should anticipate what things they can do and what not. Must you decide a few things like are they allowed to lie on bed or furniture? Will they have any local places? Will they have their chair at the dining table? If you determine everything before, you can avoid confusion that may arise later. 

Arrange a Private Den 

Like human beings, dogs also need their own space. Try to give them a separate space by setting up a separate den. Your dog will definitely get relief and feel safe in its own den. It is a valuable tool for housetraining purposes. Their den will be a relaxing place for them. 

Help Your Dog to Become Relax 

Please provide them with a hot water bottle and a clock near the sleeping area when your puppy gets home. The littermates’ intimate heat feeling and heartbeat will definitely soothe your puppy in a new environment. 

This tip proves extremely important if you found a dog previously living in a loud shelter or in a busy place. Whatever you do to make your furry friend feel comfortable will give them unlimited pleasure and happiness. 

Reward Them For Their Good Behavior

Reward your furry friend for their decent and good behavior. Give them lots of toys and praise them. Don’t forget to give them surprising treats. At the same time, you should not reward them for their bad behavior. It will make them confused. 

Teach Your Puppy to Come Whenever You Call Them

The first command you should teach your dog is to come whenever you call them by their names. You should get down on their level and show them love and care. It will give those lots of excitement and lots of positive energy. Try the command when you find your puppy distracted with toys or food. 

Train Your Dog To Be On Time 

Teach your puppy to live the moment. Whatever they do, they forget after two minutes. Therefore, whenever your puppy is doing something wrong, you should prevent them from doing it. Repetition of this activity will make them learn what is good and what is bad. To give better training to your dogs, you can choose to install an electric fence in your yard. An electric dog fence for small dogs is an effective tool to train them the right way. 

Therefore, these are dog training methods. It works really well. 

Five Essential Dog Obedience Commands

1. Sit 

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the most important obedience commands. It is a great one to start your dog training procedure. When your dog learns the command, it will be easier for you to control dogs the right way. 

2. Come

Another important dog obedience command is come. This command proves really helpful when you leash the grip of the leash or if you accidentally leave the front door open. Teaching them this command always helps your dog to stay out of trouble. 

3. Down 

The next important yet difficult command to teach is down. When you teach your dog the word down, it makes them submissive and calm. It will also help you to keep your dog relaxed and positive. 

4.  Stay

This command helps you to control your dog easily. This command proves helpful in controlling your furry friend in many situations. 

5. Leave it 

The last but important command that helps to keep your dog always in safe mode is the word leave it. This command keeps them in a safer position whenever they smell anything intriguing.

Therefore, these are the five most essential dog obedience commands.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash.